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Wix Editor: Viewing and Selecting Overlapping Elements

If you are having trouble selecting an element while editing your site, it is possible that it is placed behind another element. You can select these elements to mange, adjust, or customize them with both the Layers panel, and the right-click menu.

Selecting elements using the Layers panel

The Layers panel is a clear, organized way to view and select elements on your page. Depending on your page layout, the panel is divided into the header, main page, and footer, so you can quickly locate the element you want.

To select elements from the Layers panel:

  1. Click Layers on the bottom left of the Editor.

  2. Click Header, Page or Footer.

  3. Click the relevant element from the list.


Selecting elements using the right-click menu

Depending on the element type, the right-click menu displays a number of actions for adjusting and managing your elements. You can also use it to view and select overlapping items (elements) on an area of your page, and adjust them as needed.

To select elements with right-click:

  1. Right-click an element in the Editor.

  2. Hover over Overlapping Items.

  3. Click the relevant element from the list.


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