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Wix Editor: Using Rulers and Guides

Rulers help you accurately place elements on your page as you can see their exact position in pixels. You can show or hide the Editor rulers at any time, and add guides to mark specific positions you need to see while planning the page's layout.

Showing or hiding the rulers

According to your needs, you can decide to show or hide the Editor rulers. This doesn't only control the horizontal and vertical rulers, but also any guides you've added.

To show or hide the rulers:

  1. Click Tools on the top bar of the Editor.

  2. Select or deselect the Rulers checkbox:

    • Selected: The rulers are shown in your Editor.

    • Deselected: The rulers are hidden from your Editor.


Adding guides to rulers

Guides act as personal position markers, which aren't visible on your live site, so you can align your elements with accuracy. Your elements snap to the guides as you move them around or resize them.

  • To place a new guide, click the horizontal / vertical ruler at the position (in pixels) it should appear.


Changing the position of a ruler guide

After placing a ruler guide, you can always change its position to one that meets your needs more accurately.

To re-position a ruler guide:

  1. Click the guide on the ruler.

  2. Drag the guide to the new position or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it.


Deleting a ruler guide

No longer need a guide you've previously added to a ruler? You can delete it at any time.

To delete a ruler guide:

  1. Click the guide on the ruler.

  2. Press Delete on your keyboard, or click the Delete icon.


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