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Wix Editor: Stretching an Element to Full Width

Stretch your elements to full width to make your site more responsive. Stretched elements span the width of your browser, regardless of screen size. This means that even if your visitors view your site on a smaller browser, the element is still full width.

Once you've stretched an element, you can set the margins. Margins are the spaces to the left and right of the element, and are also responsive. For example, if you set the margins to 20px, they are 20px on every desktop screen and browser.

Stretching an element

Stretch your elements to begin making your site more responsive, and set the margins to display it exactly how you want.

To stretch an element:

  1. Click the element in the Editor.

  2. Click the Stretch icon .

  3. Enable the Stretch to full width toggle.

  4. (Optional) Set the margins:

    1. Click the number field to choose whether to set the margins by pixels or percentage of browser size.

    2. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the size of the margins.


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