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Wix Editor: Save, Preview and Publish Your Site

Manage your site from within the Editor to keep it updated, and to keep any new changes that you've made. You can save, preview, and publish your site from the Editor at any time.

Saving your site

As you build your site, it is important that you save it regularly to avoid losing any changes. We recommend saving as often as possible, especially when making multiple changes to your site.

To save your site:

  1. Click Save at the top right of the Editor.

  2. Click Done in the pop-up window.


Previewing your site

You can preview your site to see what it looks like to visitors. This is a great way to test how new changes and updates look before publishing them.

To preview your site:

  1. Click Preview at the top right of the Editor.

  2. Browse your site.

  3. Click Back to Editor to go back to the Editor.


Publishing your site

Changes that you've made and saved on the Editor need to be published before visitors can see them.

You can publish new changes to your site at any time by clicking Publish at the top right of the Editor.

Then, you can choose from one of the below options:

  • Click View Site to be taken to your live site.

  • Click Done to return to the Editor.


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