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Wix Editor: Providing Site Feedback

Site owners and collaborators can send you Get Feedback links so you can leave comments on their latest work. Add comments directly to the areas of the site you have feedback about so they know exactly what you're referring to. The owner gets notifications so they can work on updating the site right away.

To add your feedback:

1. Access the Get Feedback app in a desktop browser (not from a mobile device):

  • From the email: Click View Site from the invite email titled: "You're invited to give feedback on the [site name] website"

  • From the shareable link URL: In your browser, go to the Get Feedback URL you received from the site owner, collaborator, or teammate.

2. Browse through the site to review it. Note: Click Mobile View at the top to review the mobile version of the site.

3.Click + Add Comments at the top-right.

4. Click the Comment icon and drag it to the area you're commenting about.

5. Enter your name in the My Name field.

6. (If the My Email field appears) Enter your email address so you can receive notifications when the site owner or collaborator replies.

7. Enter your comment in the Add your comment... field.

8. Click Post.

9. (Optional) Repeat these steps to add more comments.


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