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Wix Editor: Managing Your Page Settings

Get extra control of your Wix site by using Page Settings. This is the engine-room of your website; allowing you to decide how site visitors and search engines view your pages.

From Page Settings, you can manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allow VIPs access to your private pages, control Social Share settings for your social media accounts...and much more.

Page Info tab

Manage your page's general settings from the Page Info tab. You can choose a different name for your page, make it your homepage and manage how frequently this page should be cached.


Layouts tab

Change the header & footer layout for a specific page. Occasionally, you may want to alter this layout for a page that is still under construction, displaying a single image or other reasons.

To remove the header and footer from a specific page, click No Header & Footer in the Layouts tab.


Permissions tab

Create a private page to share with only those who want to see it. Apply permissions by giving your page password protection. Alternatively, add pages to a Members Only area for your VIPs or paying customers. You can also create member roles and restrict certain pages to specific roles.


SEO Basics Tab

Get your website ranked higher on search engines by optimizing your pages.Tell the machines what your page is about so they can show it to people who might be interested in your site.


Social Share tab

Change your page's title and description as it appears on social networks. Stand out from the crowd with your original title and page content.


Advanced SEO tab

Add additional meta tags and structured data markup to your page to improve search results. Speak to the search engines in a language they understand to help boost your ranking.


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