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Wix Editor: Managing Animation Effects

Animation effects are a fun way to bring your site to life and wow your visitors.

You can manage your animations to fit your content and its needs, and keep visitors interacting with your site.

Removing animation from an element

If you decide you don't want animation on an element, you can quickly and easily remove it at any time.

To remove animation:

  1. Click the element.

  2. Click the Animation icon.

  3. Click None.


Applying animation only the first time an element is loaded

Further customize your animations and their behavior by enabling or disabling an animation playing only the first time the element is loaded.

This is a great way to keep your site's content unique, and continue to intrigue your visitors.

To enable / disable the setting:

  1. Click the element.

  2. Click the Animation icon.

  3. Click Customize.

  4. Click the toggle next to Only animate first time to enable or disable animation on the first loading only.

    • Enabled: The animation is only displayed when the site visitor enters that page for the first time. The animation is not displayed again if the site visitor enters the page more than once.

    • Disabled: The animation is displayed every time the site visitor enters the page.


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