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Wix Editor: Linking to Anchors on Your Site

Wix Linking to Anchors

Anchors are invisible position markers that you can place anywhere on your site. After adding anchors, there are several ways to direct your visitors to the important information they display.

You can add the anchors to your site menu, link elements (e.g. buttons) to anchors and use an in-page menu for a page with many anchors. You can even create a unique anchor URL to share on other platforms.

Adding your anchors to a menu

Add an anchor as an item to a menu on your site. When visitors click the item, they're brought to the anchor, so they don't need to scroll.

To add an anchor to a menu

1. Click your site menu in the Editor.

2. Click Manage Menu.

3. Click Add Menu Item / Add a menu item at the bottom of the panel.

4. Add a new anchor, depending on your menu type:

  • (For advanced menus) Click Section.

  • (For site menus) Click Section or anchor.

5. Select the page the anchor is on from the drop-down.

6. Select the relevant anchor from the drop-down.

7. Click Done.


Displaying anchors on an in-page menu

You can display all of your anchors in a cool floating menu on your page. An in-page menu allows your visitors to access different parts of your page by clicking the anchor name on the menu.

As the in-page menu is floating, it is always visible wherever your visitors are on the page.

To add an in-page menu:
  1. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click Menu & Anchor.

  3. Click In-Page Menu.

  4. Drag your chosen menu onto your page.

  5. (Optional) Click the Pin to Screen icon on your anchor menu to change its location on your page.


Linking elements to your anchors

You can link images, buttons, and other elements to anchors on your site. When visitors click these elements, they're directed to the relevant anchor.

Linking elements to anchors is a great way to encourage your visitors to explore your site, and direct them to relevant information.

To link an element to an anchor:
  1. Click the element you want to link from.

  2. Click the Link icon .

  3. Click Anchor on the left.

  4. Select the page the anchor is on from the drop-down.

  5. Select the relevant anchor from the drop-down.

  6. Click Done.


Creating and sharing anchor URLs

Generate a unique anchor URL to share across platforms and showcase relevant and important content. When visitors click the link, they're brought directly to the anchor on your page, so they don't need to scroll to find information.

Choose the suffix (ending) to make the link look how you want. Once you've created and published the URL, you can preview the link and copy it for quick sharing.

To create and share a link to an anchor:
  1. Click the relevant anchor in your Editor.

  2. Click the Settings icon .

  3. Click Anchor URL.

  4. Enter the chosen suffix (URL ending) under What's the URL suffix?.

  5. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

  6. Publish the site changes.


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