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Wix Editor: Getting Started with the Wix Editor

The Wix Editor is the platform you use to build and edit your website. It is packed full of features to help you create a unique, sophisticated site.

There are a variety of ways you can customize and build your site, such as adding and customizing elements, and choosing a color and text theme.

Opening the Wix Editor

Access the Editor to get started and begin creating a site that's perfect for you and your needs.

To open the Editor:

  1. Go to your site's dashboard.

  2. Click Edit Site next to your site's name.


Adding and customizing elements

The Wix Editor contains hundreds of stunning, customizable elements that you can use to create your site. Choose from images, text, shapes, strips and more to create your site.

Click Add Elements on the left side of the Editor to start adding elements.

Once you've added elements, you can customize them to suit your site's look and feel.

Select an element and click the Settings, Design, Layout or Animate icons to customize it. Depending on the element selected, you will see different customization options.


Customizing your site's design

Use the Site Design panel to adjust your site's look, theme, and behavior - all from one place.

To get started, click Site Design on the left side of the Editor, and customize it with the following options:

  • Site theme: Select and edit the colors and text styles used across your site.

  • Page background: Select a background for your site's page. You can choose from a color, image, or video.

  • Page transitions: Choose how your pages transition when visitors navigate between them.


Save, preview and publish your site

You can find the Save, Preview and Publish buttons at the top right of the Editor.

  • Save: Click Save regularly so you don't lose any of your work. Keep in mind, saved changes won’t appear on your site until you click Publish.

  • Preview: Click Preview to view how your site looks live.

  • Publish: Click Publish in the top right corner when you're ready for your site to go live.


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