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Wix Editor: Disabling 'Show on All Pages' for Elements Inside Your Header

When you place an element inside your header, it is automatically displayed on all pages. This is useful for elements and content you want your visitors to always see, like store carts or Member login bars.

If you only want to display an element on a specific page, you can disable the Show on All Pages setting.


Disabling the 'Show on All Pages' option

You can turn off the option to show a header element on all pages from the right-click menu. We recommend only using this option for elements that are decorative, and not essential to your site experience. For example, site menus should generally always be visible to your visitors.

To disable this option:

  1. Open the Editor.

  2. Right-click the relevant element inside your header.

  3. Click the Show on All Pages toggle to disable it.


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