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Wix Editor: Customizing Your Site Footer

The footer appears at the bottom of your site, and usually includes content like your contact and copyright information. Customize your footer to match your site's look and needs. You can adjust the footer's design, resize it to your liking, and add a freeze effect so it's always visible.

Changing the design of the footer

Customize the footer to match your site's palette and theme. There are many footer designs to choose from, which you can further personalize for your needs.

To change the footer design:

  1. Click the footer in your Editor.

  2. Click Change Footer Design.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Switch to a different design: Select one of the suggested footer designs.

    • Customize the design:

      1. Click Customize Design at the bottom.

      2. Choose how you want to customize the footer:

        • Fill Color & Opacity: Choose a color for your footer, and adjust its intensity.

        • Border: Adjust the borders around your footer by choosing the color, intensity, and width.

        • Corners: Make the corners of your footer rounder, or more square.

        • Shadow: Add and adjust a shadow for your footer. You can use the settings to make it more subtle, or to be more impactful.

        • Spacing: Make the spacing between your footer's background and borders bigger or smaller.


Resizing the footer

Use the stretch handle to make your footer as big or as small as you want.

Bigger footers are useful if you have extra content you don't want to manually add to every page, like social media links and contact details. If you have little or no elements, small footers are great for a minimalist look.

To resize your footer:

  1. Click the footer in your Editor.

  2. Click and drag the stretch handle at the bottom of the footer to your chosen size.


Freezing your footer

Freeze your footer so that it is always visible on your live site, no matter where visitors are on the page. This option is especially useful if your footer contains important information or content that you want your visitors to find easily.

To freeze your footer:

  1. Click the footer in your Editor.

  2. Click the Settings icon .

  3. Click the Freeze Footer toggle to enable or disable this option:

    • Enabled: The footer is frozen, so it is always visible when visitors view and scroll through your site.

    • Disabled: Your footer remains at the bottom of your site and it is not visible when your visitors scroll away from it.


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