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Wix Editor: Customizing Your Sections

Page sections are the building blocks of your site pages. Use them divide your page content, and create a clear, structured layout for your visitors.

Once you've added and set up your sections, use the options to customize them to your liking. You can add additional elements, change the background and size, and much more.

Adding elements to your section

Add elements to your sections to display important information, such as opening hours, products, or services, or to decorate your site with visuals.

To add elements to your section:

  1. Click Add Elements on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click a category.

  3. Drag an element on to the section.


Changing the background of your section

Change the background of your section to suit your site's look and feel. Keep it simple with a block of color, or add media to make your pages fun and dynamic.

To change your section background:

  1. Right-click the section in your Editor.

  2. Click More Actions.

  3. Click Change Section Background and choose from the following options:

    • Color / Gradient: Select a color from the picker. You can choose one from your site's theme, or add a custom color to make it pop. You can also click Gradient or Fluid Gradient from the top of the panel to add a unique gradient background.

    • Image: Choose from a range of free images from Wix and Unsplash, purchase an image from Shutterstock, or upload your own for a unique touch.

    • Video: Select a stunning, high-quality video from Wix or Shutterstock, or upload and add your own video to the background.


Adjusting the size of your section

You can make your section bigger to fit more elements and content, or smaller for a more minimalist look.

To adjust the size of your section:

  1. Click the section in your Editor.

  2. Click and drag the Adjust section height handle at the bottom of the section to make it taller or shorter.


Adding a scroll effect to your section

Scroll effects give your sections that extra touch, and create an eye-catching experience on your site. Select an effect that works for your needs, and further personalizes your site and brand.

To add a scroll effect:

  1. Right-click the section in your Editor.

  2. Click More Actions.

  3. Click Background Scroll Effects.

  4. Select an effect from the options.


Changing the section layout

Switch your section's look in one click. There are a range of sophisticated, professional layouts available so you can select a design that fits your page's look. Your content and elements are automatically carried over, so you don't need to re-add anything.

The panel even shows your original design, so you can compare while you browse and choose a layout that perfectly suits your content.

To select a new section design:

  1. Click the section in your Editor.

  2. Click the Explore Section Layouts icon.

  3. Select your chosen layout under Choose a New Layout.

  4. Click the Close icon to exit the panel.


Changing the section content

With the Quick Edit panel, you can update your section's content from one easy place. Replace elements such as text and images, and update your section's background to keep the design fresh.

To change the section content:

  1. Click the section in your Editor.

  2. Click the Quick Edit icon .

  3. Select the relevant element from the panel.

  4. Click Change to update / replace the element.

  5. (Optional) Click the Settings icon to update the element's settings.


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