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Wix Editor: Applying a Page Layout (Standard / No Header & Footer)

Customize your site's structure by applying a page layout. You can either choose the standard page layout with a header and a footer or select a layout without those sections. Pages that don't contain the standard header and footer layout work a bit differently. Read on to learn more.

To apply a page layout:

  1. Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click the relevant page.

  3. Click the More Actions icon .

  4. Click Settings.

  5. Click the Layouts tab.

  6. Select the checkbox next to your preferred page layout:

    • Standard: Standard pages have a header at the top and a footer at the bottom.

    • No Header & Footer: Headers, footers, and any elements that are set to Show on all pages are not displayed.


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