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Wix Editor: About Your Site's Footer

The footer appears across the bottom of your site, throughout all of your pages. As it appears on every page, it usually contains content that is useful to your visitors wherever they are on your site, such as contact details, social media links, and copyright information.

Display useful content on all pages

Since your footer and its content appears on all pages of your site, it can be used to display content that you would like to always be visible, such as your business number, copyright information and links to your social media accounts.

As the footer is at the bottom of the site page, we recommend not putting any vital information (such as your site menu) in it, as visitors may not see it.


Customize your footer to suit your site

Customize the footer to match your site's theme, or stand out to create something eye-catching for your visitors. There are a number of ways to adjust your footer:

  • Change the design: Select a preset footer design and edit it to suit your liking. You can adjust the color and corners, as well as add a border and shadow.

  • Resize the footer: If you'd like to change the size of the footer, you can make it taller or shorter by dragging the stretch handle.

  • Freeze the footer's position: You can freeze the footer so that it is always visible on your pages, even when visitors scroll through them.


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