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Wix Editor: About Notifications in the Editor

While you are working in the Editor, certain actions may trigger notifications. These notifications provide tips and awareness of tools and features, so you can have smooth editing experience.

Notifications examples

Editor notifications typically provide you either with suggestions to help you build your site, or potential outcomes for the action you have just performed. This is to ensure that you can create the best site for your needs, and a great browsing experience for your visitors.

Notifications that contain tips may provide you with an easier alternative for building your site. For example, if you undo several actions in the Editor, a notification pop-up can appear to remind you to use Site History to view and restore earlier versions of your site.

Additional notifications may populate when you perform an action that can affect your site's look / function, and advise you of the potential result. This is to make sure that you and your visitors can easily access all of the content on your live site, as well as enjoy everything it has to offer.


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