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Wix Editor: About Menus

There are several types of menus that you may have on your site, including a site menu, anchor menu, language menu and member menus.

Site Menu

A site menu is an essential part of your website. Every site should have one as it allows your visitors to navigate between your pages and sections on your website.

All of our templates have a site menu already installed on them, but if you have started a website from scratch, make sure to add one.

We have tons of menu designs for you to use. Just click the Design icon on your menu to see the different styles. You can also change between a horizontal and vertical site menu.

Anchor Menu

Display your anchors in a cool floating anchor menu. An anchor menu allows your site visitors to access different page sections on your site by clicking the anchor name on the menu. As the anchor menu is floating, it is always visible wherever your site visitors are on your page.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it is possible to have a site menu and an anchor menu on the same website. The site menu at the top lets visitors navigate between the site pages, and the anchor menu on the right side lets visitors navigate between the sections on the page.

Language Menu

Wix Multilingual lets you display your content in different languages, so visitors around the world can get the most out of your site. With Wix Multilingual, a language menu is displayed on your site, so that your visitors can change the language of your website in just one click.

Members Area Menus

The Members Area contains two different menus; the login menu and the member menu.

Login Menu

Once a member logs in to your site using the member login bar, they can see all of the member pages that they have access to. This menu drops down from the login bar and it includes a Log Out button:

Member Menu

When a member logs in to your site, they see another menu under their profile. This member menu displays all the pages inside a member's account such as My Account, My Orders or My Bookings.


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